Sunday, January 11, 2009

And your contestants are

So here we go Monday 12th Jan 09...

In the blue corner Tricky Dicky all the way from moloolaba sunshine coast weighing in at 96kgs heading for his cycling fit 87 kgs

Thomas R the "Elwood Mauler" renowned for wrestling car thieves and other nare do wells, weighing in at a even 100Kgs target 87 Kgs

Jimmy "The Hobbit" Foster weighing in at 105Kgs looking at achieving a 7kg loss to get to a fighting weight of 98Kgs

Carlos "sea cow" Vickers weighing in at 105 Kgs ideal fighting weight 85 Kgs (no point aiming low and missing)

Well done "Waysell" for braving the wrath and scorn of your peers.. coming back from a recent bout with pregnancy, where she beat the young contender Harry the Miester , boxing out of the same stable as the "Elwood Mauler" Weighing in at 75ykgs with a target of 67 kgs by the next birthday??

And finally.. we have the Elwood Stig... man of mystery.. who is this lone man of the paunch the crowd ask.. weighing in at kgs.. will the the crowd ever be able to unmask this man who hides in the shadows.. who is he they ask?? but only once his target weight has been reached will his true identity be revealed

Weigh-in's will posted every Monday and hopefully I will work out a way display a graph of everyone's progress.

I suggest telling as many people as possible of this website to make the idea of public ridicule and derision to much to handle..

Eyes down for your first week of salad, celery and temperance . ( the later is already looking Pie in the sky)

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