Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Aging Rock Bands

This week the lard arse's have decided to reform that ageing rock band Status Quo.. This was particularly difficult for Trickie, The sea cow and Jimmy the hobit due to their lack of hirsute appearance. Excluding jimmy's back, crack and sack that is (not a personal observation I hasten to add). Nothing a good waxing couldn't fix.

Which leaves Tommy playing Rick (doesn't fit)Parfitt weighing in at 99Kgs with a 0.5kg gain.. and heading back towards the ton..

Waysell on lead guitar playing Francis (i love pasta) Rossi (she is the only one with long enough hair) keeping the status quo at 72Kgs..

Jimmy the Hobbit playing backing instrument's- generally the bottom bugle. Weighing in at 104kgs. He seems to have plateaued very near his starting weight. Also maintaining the status quo.

Tricky and Carlos the seacow playing the yard of ale (more like a mile).. whilst showing an inability to ring the cow bell for last orders, has cost them both a straight line on their graphs.. weighing in at 95kgs and 101kgs respectively once more keeping the status quo. carlos is happy to throw the gauntlet down to the trickster and play his alcohol free week joker. Will the trickster take up the challenge??

And finally we are happy to report a success story.. it's just like the evening news- after the carnage comes the happy tale of Mr smiggins the ginger Tom. Who despite his missing ear, eye and only having three legs is still lucky with the ladies.


The stig made contact this week.. after 3 weeks of laying low the stig has reported in an incredible 7kg loss.. he's been out stepping.. trying to get over the 8000 steps per day and this has paid great dividends.. maybe we could get a silhouette profile of the stig to help you monitor his progress.

So for the rest of us it's one less giant step to the fridge and one giant star jump away from it....

Stay posted.. we will be back

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