Monday, February 16, 2009

Time to Fess Up

we've had a week of slackness, where the chief editor made some lame arsed excuse about being too busy to put a post in........

As a result here are the results of this weeks weigh in

Jimmy the hobbit.. a magnificent effort weighing in at 101Kgs... Outstanding , at last it appears Jimmy's exercise regime is paying dividends .. he is nearly down to his fighting weight of 98 Kgs.. a mere three to go..

Waysell.. is at 71Kgs. a week of night duties has slowed Waysells progress a bit this week, but we have high hopes for this Milton st thoroughbred.. she will be back on the inside track next week..

Carlos the sea cow.. reasonable effort between 100 & 99Kg's depending on how you read the scales.. still a minor loss, but with the temporary acquisition of Mikey's former road bike.. we are expecting an improvement next week.. the seacow was out riding with the hobbit last night, looking for a bit more grazing land up in the northern suburbs.. nearly had to put him out of his misery with the green needle on the hill from chandler Hwy to Kew..

Still awaiting a report from Maloolaba and the Thomasr pit lane crew.

I feel sure the stig will report in with another impressive score soon

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